Magicard Rio Pro Xtended

The Magicard Rio Pro Xtended bases upon the proven Magicard Rio Pro Card Printer and has been converted especially for the use at music events, sporting events and other events, to imprint overlong plastic ID cards.

card printer Magicard Rio Pro XtendedSpecial size card printer Magicard Rio Pro Xtended

These overlong plastic cards are preferred for accreditation at concerts, used as backstage passes, or ID cards for sporting events, such as World Cups, the Olympics or race events.

Pre-fabricated in the Offset, overlong cards with a size of 86-140x 54 mm are imprinted individually within a personalization field with a maximum size of 86x 54mm(Recommended printable area: 82,0x 51,0 mm).

Xtra long plastic cards for accreditation 

With these cards, visitors can be equipped immediately with individual, overlong, clearly visible tickets for accreditation, which ideally can be worn with a lanyard keychain. The proven card printer with a resolution of 300dpi needs only 6 seconds to print in monochrome and a maximum of 22 seconds to print in color.

For further protection against forgery, a water mark can also be integrated during the printing process- without any further expenses.

Optimal user friendliness is guaranteed by the useful display, a plug& play driver and an easy printhead exchange. What is more the Xtended card printer is supplied with a USB and Ethernet interface and a 3 year guarantee.

Encoding of contactless chip cards during the printing process is optional.

Compact measurements, easy handling, sturdy design and therefore minimal maintenance contribute to a smooth and efficient operation of this special printer.

The Rio Pro Xtended is ideal for: