Special Size Card Printer ECP X Large

As first device on the market the ECP X Large prints fully on oversized plastic cards. Its printing area responds to the double of the ISO-format: 106 x 85 mm. It is the perfect device for an accreditation printer or an event card printer.
ECP X-Large Sonderformatdrucker

Extra-long, in offset pre-printed cards with measures 86 - 140 x 54 mm can be printed in an area of maximum 86 x 54 mm - with conventional card printers. Not with the ECP X Large: With that printer, you can add personalizations all over the oversized card. It is printing on the double size of a usual bank  card, in detail on an area of 106 x 86 mm. Of course, the usual area of 86 x 54 mm is also possible.

The ECP X Large makes up to 90 cards per hour full sized; for the claccis bank card area of 54 x 86 mm it makes 170 cards per hour.

The ECP X Large is perfect for the printing of ID-cards on sports-events, concerts, festivals, big events, congresses, tradefairs or for the needs of organizations and clubs.

Application examples ECP X Large: