Zebra ZXP Series 7

The Zebra ZXP Series 7card printer prints big number of copies of plastic cards quickly and in perfect quality. The Zebra ZXP Series 7 prints single or dual sided, full coloured or monochrome, with results in photo quality.
Kartendrucker Zebra ZXP 7 mit Laminator

The professional card printer ZXP Series 7

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 combines high speed printing and results in picture quality. Superior performance, huge productivity, better cost-effiency and high quality software make the Zebra ZXP Series 7 the perfect device for fast printing of big amounts with high security levels. The card printer ZXP Series 7 uses the newest technology of Zebra and produces cards with pin sharp, lively coloured and longliving images.

The printing speed of the ZXP Series 7

The ZXP Series 7 convinces with its enormous speed of single sided coloured 300 cards per hour, dual sided coloured 225 cards per hour and single sided monochrome 1,375 cards per hour. The card printer offers quick and reliable performance with low operation costs. Optional you can add an laminator, different encodings and connectivities to the ZXP Series7.

The card printer ZXP Series 7 handles different printing jobs at one time. It automatically adapts to the thickness of the cards and enables comfortable working with high capacity of cards and colour ribbons. Save time and money by using True Colors ix Series-ribbons with more pictures per ribbon.

The ZXP Series 7 is efficient, user-friendly and secure

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 card printer offers a great price/performance ratio with a ribbon capacity of 750 prints per CMYK-ribbon. The card printer is extremely user-friendly with its colour coded user support, a broad LCD-operator panel and simple ribbon change. Locking mechanisms protect the ZXP Series 7 and media from misusage. The software offers further security options as reconstruction and constriction of processes.

With the ZXP Series 7 printing and laminating simultanously

The ZXP Series 7 has got a function for laminating cards which runs parallel to encoding and printing. Lamination can be single or dual sided and enhances durability and security of the cards.

The Zebra printer ZXP Series 7 can be integrated in networks with 802.11b/g wireless or 1 GB Ethernet.