CardExchange Software

Searching for an easy to handle card printing software? CardExchange manages designing plastic cards in a few clicks. Create and print professional looking ID-cards, loyalty cards and other cards for your application.

CardExchange software for designing and printing plastic cards and ID-cardsCardExchange is a cost efficient and userfriendly card printing software. Simple data management, image integration and layout support make it an attractive software for public institutions, clubs, companies and other places ID-cards are used.


A few clicks make your layout


In just a few steps your layout is created. Choose one of the tsoftwares' templates or get started by yourself: Via drag & drop, text fields, image frames, barcodes, graphics and other objects are placed directly on the card. CardExchange offers lots of details for designing your ID-cards: Images can be cropped without great effort, text fields can be added with an image background; editing goes on the WYSIWYG-principle.

CardExchange is available in four versions:

card printing software CardExchange - Entry VersionEntry version

The starter version stands out with its four-click-system. Create the perfect card with the "Card Wizard". ID-data are easily brought from the table to the card: The software can be connected to excel and CSV files. The entry version also offers magnetic stripe encoding. 



card printing software CardExchange - Premium VersionPremium Version

Signature capturing, QR-codes, variable image fields, MS-Access-connection, serial printing and individual device selection for each layout are features of the premium version.



card printing software CardExchange - Professional VersionProfessional Version

The Professional-Version is edited with secure and various high-speed-database connection, as for ODBC. As a further feature, ID-cards can be deposited with different layouts which are to choose by click. This simplifies creating different IDs, as for the different departments of a company. Photo capturing is added by automatic face detection.



card printing software CardExchange - Ultimate VersionUltimate Version

Ultimate Version brings security features like encoding contactless cards (MIFARE® DESFire®). With the scripting language Iron Python, own features can be added to the software. The ultimate version allows using customized Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). Layouts can be exported and saved as preview modes.