CardPresso Software

With the CardPresso software, designing, printing, encoding and personalization of plastic cards is possible quickly and easily. CardPresso is the perfect software for card design!
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CardPresso software scope and benefits

The software CardPresso can be operated without much training. It is suitable for simple designs and for complex applications.

  • Comprehensive set of image processing tools like insert, cutting out of parts, scaling and rotating, contrast and brightness of all common graphics files; templates are available too
  • Comfortable image editing by FaceCrop-function. Faces are automatically cut out of existing images and inserted into the photo place holder; the previous editing of photos is not necessary
  • Besides seriesprint also autoprint and parameter-dependent print are possible; parameter-dependent print makes the continuous print of employee ID-cards easier, for example with different elements for women and men or for permanent workers and temporary employees
  • Capturing and editing photos (for example live by digital camera/ twain interface) and signatures by an external pad
  • Text producing through TrueType-writings
  • Barcode creating (all going barcode-types)
  • Encoding magnetic stripe
  • Encoding contact and contactless chip cards
  • Database connection through ODBC-database interface and through XLS, CSV and TXT

Compatible for Windows XP (with Servicepack 3), Windows Vista and Windows 7, and also MAC OS X


The software CardPresso is available in five versions

CardPresso XXS

cardPresso XXS

With the CardPresso XXS version you create professional-looking photo ID cards and other card designs due to the intuitive card design templates and the template designer. In the CardPresso XXS version you've also got ethernet assistance, image import by WIA / TWAIN, 1D barcodes and magnetic stripe encoding available.


CardPresso XS

cardPresso XS

Based on the CardPresso XXS version, CardPresso XS provides the database connection for TXT, CSV and XLS formats, database-view and the print including place holders for comfortable ID-print and encoding.


CardPresso XM

cardPresso XM

  • CardPresso XM ist the extended version of CardPresso XXS and CardPresso XS with local MS-Access-database connection, FaceCrop for face identification, 2D-barcodes, encoding of contact chip cards and with batchprint.


CardPresso XL

cardPresso XLThe full equipment in terms of the CardPresso card software leaves no wishes unfulfilled: CardPresso XL includes ODBC-Database connection, RFID-encoding, multi-layout-designs, parameter dependent print and changelogs and much more.


CardPresso XXL

cardPresso XXL

The latest version of the CardPresso card software: Supplemented by other practical features CardPresso XXL is equipped with all previous properties like ODBC-database connection, RFID-card encoding, multi-layout-designs, parameter depended print or changelogs.