EDIsecure Software CMS

EDIsecure CMS is a software for the printing of plastic cards and has got four versions that offer features for different applications: employee- and visitor-ID-cards, access control cards, drivers licences, member cards, ID-cards with picture, etc.

CMS Standard and Standard Plus have been developed for single user applications, whereas the web-based CMS Advanced and CMS Corporate provide data access and management and production of cards across locations.

With our efficient software developer's kit or with the EDIsecure Project Development Tool (PDT) we can support customers, who want to develop their own solution.

The advantages of the EDIsecure Card Management Suite:

EDIsecure Software CMS for card printers
  • Fast, easy and cost-efficient production of any kind of ID-cards
  • All versions are available in 8 languages:
    English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Open system architecture
  • Development of software, independent from platform (Windows, Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux)
  • Internet based software for working within a network (CMS Advanced und Corporate)
  • Effective and easy handling card designer
  • Simple design of cards per "drag & drop"
  • Digital module for a camera, image optimation, modules for security printing
  • Fast, secure expansion and easy inventory management
  • Practical license manager that allows an upgrade via email

EDIsecure CMS Standard

EDIsecure CMS Standard is the perfect solution for single applications in small companies, healthcare facilities, schools and associations.

EDIsecure CMS Standard Plus

EDIsecure CMS Standard Plus meets the demands of bigger companies and card service organizations to manage different databases with one application. Besides the functions of the CMS Standard, it offers some specific features.

EDIsecure CMS Advanced

EDIsecure CMS Advanced Edition is perfect for medium-sized up to big businesses, which are working with a network. Besides the functions of CMS Standard Plus, it's got a handful of further options.

EDIsecure CMS Corporate

EDIsecure CMS Corporate Edition suits perfectly to big companies and organizations with thousands or millions of card owners. It offers all features of the CMS Advanced Edition and adds some more functions.