FlexiCode Software for LEGIC

With the FlexiCode-software, printing and encoding of contactless LEGIC® chip cards is easy, fast and low priced.

FlexiCode Software for LEGICFlexiCode communicates with lots of current software solutions for the creation of ID-cards, e.g. EDIsecure CMS, CardFive and Datacard ID-Works over a defined interface. With this, printing and encoding of plastic cards are possible in one step. LEGIC advant as well as LEGIC prime cards can be encoded, read out and segmented.

FlexiCode has got lots of advantages:

  • Efficient plug-in-software
  • Practice proved features
  • Connection to a ID-card-management-software and to card design programs
  • Encoding of barcodes and magnetic stripes (as an option)


Another technical innovation for LEGIC-partners: Segmentation of contactless chip cards happens fully automated by the printer.