Visitor Management MM10

Visitor management MM 10 is a secure and comfortable solution for the management and organization of visitors and foreign workers.

software for visitor managementWith MM10, visitor processes can be digitally implemented and handled. The reception is equipped with a special client with which the gate keepers, receptionists or securities can see in detail, what visitors are to come or are already in the house. With the comfortable user interface personal data can be captured and configurated. Visitor-ID-cards can be printed with a connected card printer.

With an integrated web-interface, employees can register their visitors comfortably at the reception or entrance. The webinterface for example can be connected to the intranet. Via this interface, rooms and technical equipment which is needed for the visit can be reserved, too.

MM10 is also suitable for the management of foreign workers and temporary workers. ID-cards for employees can be created straightforwardly, external manpower can be integrated into the company structure with features like payment for parking, the canteen or at the drinks dispenser, as well as access to different zones of the company.

With MM10 you create and categorize individual access profiles. So you can control who has access, when, where and how long. So ID-cards are kept from disuse. Visitors are equipped with RFID-passes. An archive feature makes it possible to follow detention time and position.

The advantages of MM10:

  • Management of visitors and foreign workers
  • Individual adjustment at the gates
  • Efficient and comfortable workflow
  • Generating and controlling of access
  • Archiving of basic data
  • Reconstruct the stay of a visitor
  • Printing of visitor passes
  • Automatical check-in and check-out