Visitor management Pridento VMS

Manage your visitors with Pridento VMS, the perfect solution for companies that want to manage and print visitor ID-cards, employee ID-cards or ID-cards for outside services.

Pridento VMS offers lots of advantages: Receptionists can work comfortably with its clear surface. Print your ID-cards directly out of the system, as paper ticket or plastic card. The appropriate device, we offer you as a package with the software.

Get Pridento VMS as "Basic" or "Advanced".

  • We recommend "Basic" if you need the software for only one desktop and if your number of visitors is in the low or middle area.
  • We recommend "Advanced" if you need more security features, if you've got lots of visitors and if you want to create your own card designs.



visitor management with Pridento


  • free amount of visitor data
  • several desktops can be equiped; real-time-synchronisation
  • registration function
  • integrated layout designer
  • RFID-badge holder
  • module for outside services
  • user management
  • upload your own logo
  • export and import of visiting histories and visiting lists per CSV
  • free definable additional fields and check boxes
  • integrated warning system
  • function for factory security service


  • up to 300 visitor data incl. delete function
  • 5 visitor categories
  • lists for emergency and evacuation plan
  • visiting history
  • predefined designs for ID-cards
  • checking-in and checking out visitors
  • attendance list
  • automatical scanning via barcode
  • integrated MySQL-database

Change simply via update from Basic to Advanced.



Pridento with paper tickets or plastic cards?

Basically, we are recommending a card printer as device for your IDs you designed with Pridento. Compared to paper tickets, plastic cards are more suitable as permanent ticket or seasonal ticket. Printed with a barcode, they can easily be read out.

Pridento-bundle: software, printer,scanner and supplies

On request, we offer Pridento as a bundle with card printer, blank cards, barcode-scanner and supplies:

Pridento VMS "PVC" incl. plastic card printer

  • card printer for Pridento VMS "PVC"card printer Pridento (with manual card feeder)
  • Pridento VMS Basic software for one desktop
  • barcode scanner
  • 100 card badges with clip
  • 300 blank white premium plastic cards
  • 1 x YMCKO colour ribbon for 300 printings

as an option: preprinted plastic cards on request

Pridento VMS "PVC PRO" inkl. Plastikkartendrucker

  • card printer for Pridento VMS "PVC PRO"card printer Pridento+ (single sided, manual and automatical card feeder)
  • Pridento VMS software für einen Arbeitsplatz
  • barcode scanner
  • 100 card-badges with clip
  • 300 blank white premium plastic cards
  • 1 x YMCKO colour ribbons for 300 printings

as an option: preprinted plastic cards on request




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