City of Passau introduces vaccination card

Since September, fully vaccinated citizens of the city of Passau have been able to request a free vaccination confirmation in a practical credit card format. Especially for people without a smartphone, this is an alternative to the digital vaccination certificate. The idea was developed and implemented by the city of Passau in cooperation with S&K Solutions.

For weeks now, the corona case numbers have been increasing significantly again, which also entails stricter regulations. Associated with this is the requirement that people show proof of their vaccination status. In order to create an offer here for people who cannot store their vaccination data digitally and also do not want to carry the vaccination card with them all the time, the city of Passau has been looking for an analog alternative to the digital vaccination card. The solution: an immunization card in a handy check-card format that fits easily into your wallet.

As a long-standing expert in identification solutions, S&K Solutions with its All About Cards brand was able to advise the city on all the options for creating it and equip it with the best possible hardware. Since September, employees have been able to print and issue vaccination cards quickly and easily themselves. All without intensive training or long waiting times. All that is needed to create the card is personal identification of the applicant and a valid vaccination certificate. The card itself includes the name, address, vaccine and vaccination dates, as well as a QR code with the information.

Since its launch, more than 7,000 vaccination cards have been printed and demand remains high.

As a scalable solution, the vaccination record in card format can also be implemented in other offices or pharmacies to provide an analog alternative to the digital vaccination card elsewhere. Use in the city of Passau has proven: analog options are still needed in the digital age.