Local Christmas calendar

A local project - already in its second round!

The Christmas calendar

The local Christmas calendar is a local project from the Nuremberg metropolitan region. It is filled with 24 Christmas products from various regional producers and manufacturers. In collaboration with founder Christian Kindler, All About Cards has customised the packaging for the second edition of the calendar.

Behind each door is a special item from a local company - from hand-filled nut liqueur to delicious gingerbread variations and a nutcracker craft set. A special detail of the local Christmas calendar: it has an additional 25th door. Of course, we won't reveal what's hidden behind it ...


3D animation of the calendar

All About Cards is the production partner for this project. In close cooperation, the calendar case was realised based on a 3D animation. In a further step, the Advent calendar was produced and then filled by hand. Thanks to the customised animation template created in the first year, this year's packaging could be easily adapted.


All About Cards is delighted about the collaboration with Christian Kindler, which started in 2022 and has now resulted in two Advent calendars with a very individual, regional filling.

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