Stadt Gaggenau

Voucher card project of plastic cards, packaging, posters and oversized labels

Gaggenau – "the lively town by the Murg", at the foot of the north black forest, 30 kilometres south of Karlsruhe. Gaggenau is recreation town, pulsating industry center and shopping center of the region around the Murg.

In cooperation with All About cards, the advertising association "Lebendiges Gaggenau" realized a big voucher card project containing plastic cards, packaging, posters and oversized labels. Under the heading „Gänse GUTschein Gaggenau“, there are given out attractive gift cards with a certain amount that can be redeemed in 70 companies in Gaggenau like retail, restaurants and service providers. The cards show the picture of glassworks that remind of the history of the town.  They are handed out in stable folded cards. You can get them at banks and in the office of the advertising association. The participating stores have got big red labels with the logo of the „Gänse GUTschein Gaggenau“ in their windows. get more info on www.Gä

The project „Gänse GUTschein Gaggenau“ shows that All About Cards is the right partner for full-service around cards, from conception to realization. We are experts in all questions around cards and packaging, but also concerning card technology and purposes of direct marketing.