Special sized cards as audio books and e-books

If you want some entertainment on journeys you have to know the Audio Media Group. As a leading service provider they supply over 90% german gas stations and motorway restaurant with media products. Under the name Snapload, they developed a gift card project in close cooperation with All About Cards: eBooks and audio books in oversized plastic card shapes for the POS.

A gripping thriller, a romantic love story or funny novels to go are offered by Snapload either as an eBook or as an audio book to download. Simultaneously there are physical products: the plastic card in iTunes-form is printed with the book title and the blurb and due to a euro-standard hole easy to hang at the POS. On the back, a thin plastic card is applicated which has a scratch off. By scratching it off, you receive a code with which you can download the eBook and audio book online.

You can choose between 20 different titles, which you can find in retail. By paying at the cash desk the code is automatically unlocked. 20 titles were released in the first circulation.

All About Cards applied the whole card production for Snapload. Simultaneous to the oversized card production, the thin plastic cards with scratch-off were prepared. All cards are personalized with barcode, ISBN and encoding number.

Snapload transformed plastic cards into a multiplex product. That’s how mobile entertainment works also for B2B-section and for incentives. Snapload suggested another innovation in this context this year on the Frankfurter Buchmesse: in a special author board, writers, who don’t have a publishing company, can get their eBook in a small quantity manufactured in shape of a download card and sell them for example at reading events.

You are also interested in oversized cards, thin plastic cards or any kind of plastic cards? Contact us and we will create a detailed offer only for you.

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