Higher project efficiency with the collaboration tool from All About Cards

In the course of digitalization, fast workflows and cross-interface tasks determine the everyday work of small and large companies. Short-term project changes, remarks as well as individual customer requests must therefore be centralized in a structured system in order to offer a transparent, consistently coordinated workflow.

As the number of people involved in a project increases, structured collaboration and correct project documentation becomes more and more important, so that all participants are constantly informed about progress and changes. In order to react perfectly to the digital changes and to create the basic conditions for effective collaboration, All About Cards has developed a collaboration tool in 2018 that ideally meets these requirements as well as its own needs. Since then, the tool has become an essential part of the company's internal workflows within order processing - including communication with partners and customers.


Efficient project cooperation on several levels

As a fulfillment service provider, All About Cards realizes very different projects, ranging from gift and customer cards to cards for access control and personalized packaging solutions. The company therefore relies on structured project planning so that colleagues, partners and customers can work hand in hand.

Thanks to All About Cards' customized software collaboration tool, all internal processes in the future will take place over this platform to guarantee effective collaboration between the company and those involved on the production and customer side. This applies to file sharing of production and personalization data, as well as to clear project communication and real-time appointment management.


The Collaboration Tool offers a few advantages:

  • Clear overview of individual project stages
  • Easy management of printing and personalization releases
  • Parallel, location independent access for all project participants
  • Time-saving workflows with accurate documentation


In addition, All About Cards places great emphasis on data security. In view of the implementation of the DSGVO in May 2018, the collaboration tool has been adapted to data protection regulations and is also being continuously improved and further developed in general, so that a secure workflow can be guaranteed. All that is required to use the tool is an Internet browser with secure compatibility such as Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. All About Cards thus stands not only for competent advice and realization of your card and packaging project, but also for excellent and efficient support throughout the entire project!