Matica Feeder Encoding Modul

Matica Technologies has launched FEM, its Feeder Encoding Module, which represents the latest in Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) architecture. With Matica's new FEM module, productivity in card issuance is further enhanced.

  • Thanks to its unique technology, the Feeder Encoding Module (FEM) increases the autonomy of card issuing.     
  • The new FEM module has up to 3 integrated internal encoders that automate parallel processing.
  • Thanks to its modularity, the FEM can be combined with various types of desktop output methods such as retransfer printers, laser engraving and desktop embossers.

"The FEM module is our latest innovation in MDM (Matica Desktop Modules), enabling card issuing systems to reach unprecedented levels of productivity and autonomy for the first time." Sandro Camilleri, CEO Matica Group.

The FEM extension is ideal for service offices and system integrators. There, the FEM can be added up to four times to an already existing system. This means that the card input of the default printer will be increased from 200 cards to 350 cards and can be slightly quadrupled so that the final input can be up to 1,400 cards. When outputting desktop cards, multiple cards can now be coded, printed and laminated at the same time, increasing throughput. The modularity of the FEM can be combined with a variety of desktop output methods such as retransfer printers, laser engravers and desktop embossers.