Small size data loggers

Data loggers are real multifunctional supporters. With monitor°Card temperatures can be recorded and transmitted to smartphones via NFC. Thus, temperature profiles of goods can be monitored and analyzed. Monitor°Card can be applicated in the food industry as well as in the medical sector and floristry.

Monitor°Card – small size data loggers

How it works:
A client orders fresh goods. Monitor°Card is put on the packaging of the goods, is activated and dispatched together with the goods. While the goods are on their way to their destination, monitor°Card monitors the temperature profile and records it. The client receives the goods and is able to verify the maintaining of the cooling chain. Place and time of delivery as well as the temperature profile are sent to the central server.

Monitor°Cards' measuring device: NFC-Smartphone

To use the data logger monitor°Card you need the application called monitor°C which is available at Google Playstore as well as a smartphone with NFC capabilities.

Advantages of monitor°Card:

  • Reusable
  • Password protection
  • NFC-Smartphone becomes mobile data terminal
  • Receiver of goods is able to read measuring data easily
  • Goods can be blocked if measured values exceed or fall below their limits
  • Responsible person for damage can be identified quickly

Technical data of monitor°Card

  • measuring range from -20°C to 50°C
  • measuring interval 2s to 8h
  • storage capacity up to 720 figures 

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