Smart, efficient and secure: Matica presents new card printer EDIsecure™ MC660

The new retransfer card printer EDIsecure™ MC660 of the leading manufacturer Matica enables demand-oriented printing of cards with high quality and security requirements. Thanks to special security features, the card printer is particularly suitable for printing employee ID cards for access control as well as customer and loyalty cards.

Especially for companies that work with sensitive data everyday, such as government agencies, public authorities or even companies in the education sector, the protection of personal data is a top priority. Thanks to its specially developed design, the new retransfer card printer EDIsecure™ MC660 from Matica adapts ideally to any environment and supports the printing of secure ID cards, for example for access control.

Security and quality in times of data protection

Data protection has been an important concern for all companies. Especially for high security systems, the demand for secure access control systems is increasing. Due to the variety of security options, the Matica EDIsecure™ MC660 is used in this case and enables the printing of secure ID cards in demand-oriented production.

The cards can be provided with security elements such as a 2D or 3D hologram, microtext, logos or a hot-stamping seal. In addition, the new MC660 enables the printing of complex graphic designs in high colour quality that are difficult to manipulate. This means you can add visual detail to your cards to create a distinct complexity. Additional security is provided by the innovative security ribbons and UV ribbons with fluorescent elements.

The MC660 card printer can easily print 170 cards per hour in full colour at a high quality resolution of up to 600 dpi. The choice of card materials is almost unlimited. With the retransfer printer Matica EDIsecure™ MC660 almost all card surfaces can be printed without borders, from PVC, PET-G and ABS to polycarbonate cards.

Laminating ID cards for increased durability

To ensure the durability of the cards and to offer further security options, Matica provides the MC-L card laminator matching the EDIsecure™ series. The resistant lamination, which is applied to the card within a printed ink layer, protects the plastic card from external factors. In addition, the cards can alternatively be coated with a special layer of foil as a further security element.

With the inline version, your cards are laminated directly after the printing process. The integration to the printer is done by a connection plate which can be installed without any problems. Thanks to the fast heating process and the rapid lamination performance, both sides of the card are laminated in less than 20 seconds. However, if you require stand-alone operation, the cards can be laminated independently with the stand-alone version.


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