Tag Your Price™: The price tag software for everybody

Tag Your Price™ is an intuitive software for creating and printing price tag cards and managing all food products. With a few mouse clicks, food cards can be easily designed, printed and all product goods can be uniformly labeled.

Tag Your Price ™: Design and print food cards easily

Von der ländlichen Käsetheke bis hin zum großen Lebensmitteleinzelhandel – Händler sind zur Beschriftung und Kennzeichnung ihrer Waren verpflichtet, insbesondere in den Theken der Frischeabteilung. Dort ändern sich die Lebensmittel und damit auch die Produktauszeichnung auf den Preisschildkarten täglich oder sogar mehrmals am Tag. Eine Garantie, diesen Beschriftungsprozess aktuell, sauber und einheitlich zu halten, bietet jetzt die Software Tag Your Price™.

Tag Your Price™ ist eine intuitive, aber wirkungsvolle Software für die Erstellung und den Druck von Preisschildkarten sowie die Verwaltung aller Lebensmittelprodukte. Mit wenigen Klicks können Lebensmittelkarten - mit Hilfe von vorgefertigten Templates oder den Daten aus der eigenen Datenbank - einfach gestaltet, ausgedruckt und damit alle Produktwaren in einem einheitlich Design beschriftet werden.


How does Tag Your Price work?

Control all your food products and departments with a Microsoft Access database customized to your needs: Here you can store not only the departments and products, but also all prices, promotions, names and the corresponding allergen information. Since this database can be used by computers in a shared network, granting access allows several employees to work on it at the same time. Thus, the changes made by each user are displayed in the database and the updated food cards can be printed in seconds. Here you will find a video tutorial that shows you how to enter your own data.


Individual design of the food cards

Thanks to the intuitive interface in the Tag Your Price™ software, managing your price tags becomes an easy task: templates can be taken from a wide range of templates and personalized using the integrated eMediaCS2 - an efficient tool for badge creation. Thanks to the preview function of the currently processed map, the templates can be checked before printing and thus errors can be avoided. Individual card designs are also possible, which significantly increase the visibility of your products and thus the overall visual appearance of your branch: Design the price cards in your corporate design, for example by printing the company logo or your slogan. Safe and easy allergen management

As the allergen information according to the European Union Directive 1169/2011 is already stored in the Microsoft Access™ database of the price tag software, only the allergens applicable to each product need to be selected. This means that the allergen information and matching pictograms are printed directly and correctly on your food cards.


Are you interested in Tag Your Price™? Then one of our 3 printer bundles (for black or white price tags) could be suitable for you: Depending on the model, each of these consists of a Zebra ZC series plastic card printer, the Tag Your Price software, 100-200 plastic cards, a ribbon and a cleaning kit.


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