YMCKOO Ribbon ZXP Series 3

The new DuraSecure YMCKOO color ribbon for card printer Zebra ZXP Series 3 offers more safety and durability while printing identification cards. At a low price you can print everything in one single printing process. There is no need for time-consuming and expensive intermediate steps like laminating and varnishing. Organizations like government authorities or healthcare companies can therefore print their identification cards fast and cheap with the Zebra ZXP Series 3 using the new DuraSecure YMCKOO color ribbon.

Advantages of the DuraSecure YMCKOO color ribbon:

  • Improved safety by using water marks
  • Higher product life due to an extra protective layer
  • Flexibility and low costs because of no need of intermediate steps like laminating and varnishing
  • Improved efficiency: only one printing process

DuraSecure YMCKOO ribbons’ scope of application:

  • Identification cards
  • Access control 
  • Club cards
  • Student and library cards
  • Visitor passes

Technical data of color ribbon DuraSecure YMCKOO:

  • Printer platform: ZXP Series 3
  • Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, black, overlay, overlay (YMCKOO)
  • Printing process: one printing cycle including security image
  • Product life time: up to 50 % higher than standard color ribbons
  • Pictures per role: 230
  • Firmware: 2.13
  • Driver: 6.02

If  you have any more questions please just write to info@allaboutcards.de