Your customer cards in one App

The mobile pocket App allows you to stay close to your customers all the time: it works like a digital version of the customer card. Campaigns and news will reach your target group immediately. We include your brand in the App.

Enable your customers to make use of offers immediately and to redeem vouchers by smartphone to get discounts or even to make purchases directly. In Austria, large trade chains like Billa, Merkur or Hartlauer already use this opportunity successfully. We extensively tested the App and can recommend it unrestrictedly to our customers, especially to those from the retail sector.

How does it work?

Whoever has one of your customer cards can just connect it with the App. You can send your customer news like product offerings, events or campaigns. You can easily organize the news in a simple web based coordinating program or we undertake this task as service for you. It is also possible to collect bonus points without restrictions: If a customer forgets to take his physical card with him, he can just show the Smartphone version and still take advantage of the benefits.

What are the benefits?

Mobile pocket allows you to stay close to your customer and to contact him all the time. You’re able to control campaigns according to the target group and therefore achieve a real increase in profits and customer loyalty. It is also possible to offer payment by Smartphone. Simultaneously, the privacy is protected: the App doesn’t collect personal data from your customers.