Plastic Card Printing Or Self-Printing of Plastic Cards

All About Cards can print plastic cards for you or offers you the suitable card printer for your self-printing of plastic cards. With our intelligent card systems we create varied and individual plastic cards, chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.
Different types of plastic cards blank, key tags, magnetic stripe cards

Plastic Card Printing Or Self-Printing of Plastic Cards   

You do not have a concrete idea yet of how to use your plastic cards?
You can rely on our printer experts: We will support you from the planning phase to the completion of your card project and will find the best solution regarding your request. We will always offer you the ideal card solution, the optimal contact chip or RFID-Chip as well as individually tailored card printers, card readers and card software, irrespective of whether we should print your cards or you will print it by yourself. 


Various application possibilites for the printing of plastic cards

  • Blank cards (white, single colour or metallic colours)
  • Printed plastic cards of all kinds
  • Plastic cards at ISO standard and credit card-quality (86 x 54 x 0,76 mm)
  • Plastic cards out of different materials like PVC, PC, PET, PET-G or ABS
  • Thin plastic cards and cards in various card thicknesses (0,254mm, 0,30mm, 0,46mm, 0,50mm) - additional thicknesses also available on request
  • Standard plastic cards (loyalty cards, membership cards, ID cards)
  • Plastic cards with magnetic stripe (credit cards, bonus cards, entrance cards, loyalty cards)
  • Plastic cards with barcodes (bonus cards, loyalty cards)
  • Plastic cards with holograms (access control cards, ID cards)
  • Plastic cards with hotstamps (VIP cards, credit cards)
  • Contact or contactless Smart Cards (insurance cards, money cards, access control cards, membership cards)
  • Special plastic cards and special sizes (luggage tags, key tags, bonus cards, oversize cards)
  • Customized personalization (encoding)
  • Smelling plastic cards for marketing measures
  • Plastic cards with surface structures to imitate certain surfaces
  • Plastic cards with shifting images
  • Plastic cards for different applications

That characterizes us and our plastic cards

  • Professional consulting
  • Requirements analysis and project management
  • Best price-performance ratio
  •  Highest quality and services
  • Fast delivery times
  • Card Printers
  • Software for the printing of cards
  • Supplies for plastic cards
  • Mailing and Fulfillment
  • Packages for plastic cards

Just contact us, if we shoul print plastic cards for you or if you will do this by yourself.
Your demand is our challenge.