Printing technologies

Colour, quantity, finishing: The right printing technology depends on different criteria. We can give you advice which you should choose to get the perfect printing result for your plastic cards.


Offset printing

At offset printing you get a level dyeing on the complete surface of the card; colours are bright, the edges are pin-sharp. Offset printing uses the Euro-colour-scheme CMYK in high definition. Special colours like Pantone and HKS are possible, too, and can also be used for single details on the card, e.g. for a logo or single words. With offset printing you can realize very creative and complex layouts. Because of its great quality result, offset printing is the mostly applied printing technology for plastic cards.


Digital printing

Digital printing means the transfer of data directly out of the computer to the machine and via laser to the card. It is suitable for small quantities and for urgent orders as production is much shorter than in offset printing. Digital printing reaches very good results, but not the intensity of colours and quality as offset. The selection of colours is limited, special colours like Pantone or HKS are not possible.


Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing is used for holohedral printing in one single colour and for signature panels. It achieves very covering, intensive colour results. Silkscreen is also used for metallic colours and glitter particles. Colour gradients are not possible. A single sieve has to be fabricated for each used colour – that makes silkscreen printing a bit more expensive. Depending on the layout of the card, you can combine silkscreen with offset printing. Just ask us for more information and ideas!