Cards with Special Surfaces

Plastic cards with special surfaces like printed metal foil, 3D-varnish or structures are a perfect marketing tool to realize extraordinary ideas.

A plastic card measures 86 x 54 mm – lots of space for experiments: structure varnishes, foils, coating and flocking offer lots of scopes for design. You can imitate textiles, form patterns, get light effects and great haptics. Just look at our pictures!

The possibilities:

  • metallic and prismatic foils, printed full or partly with various colour effects
  • gold coating or partial varnish
  • 3D-varnish to imitate surfaces
  • fluorescent varnishes for special light effects, e.g. for the ultraviolet light in discos
  • structured surfaces to imitate fruit, leather or other textiles
  • flocking for a soft surface

All plastic cards can be personalized on the back or equiped with a chip, a magnetic stripe and/or a barcode to ensure customer loyalty, individuality and mechanical readability.