Chip Cards individually printable also contactless

All About Cards offers chip cards in all kinds of variations. Convince yourself and use chip cards for your own purposes.

Chip cards are plastic cards with an integrated memory chip. We offer you blank chip cards as well as printed chip cards and give you advice for the aproppriate technology, the perfect card printer and card reader.

What kind of chip cards does All About Cards offer?

Basically we distinguish between two types of chip cards depending on the application: Memory chip cards and smart cards. Memory chip cards include customer cards and loyalty solutions. The main applications of the smart cards are high-security identity documents, debit cards, credit cards, identity cards or passports. To find out more about the different types and processes visit our pages about contact chip cards and contactless chip cards or just give us a call for personal advise.

We offer you professional advice on choosing the right card printer, if you want to print cards flexible by yourself. Due to its special printing process, the Zebra ZXP Series 7 card printer is perfectly suited for printing contact or contactless chip cards.


Chip cards variations at All About Cards

The following variations are independent from the chip type and represent a selection:

  • chip card blanko (in various colours for self printing)
  • chip card with printing (free design choice including company logo, barcode, QR-Code, signature field and many more)
  • chip card with encoding
  • chip card with offset printing (high value and cheap card projects)
  • chip card with security features (hologram, embossing, microprinting, watermarks, barcodes and many more)
  • chip card with personalization (individual with name, date of birth, membership number)
  • chip card with photo personalization (personalized incl. photo)

Transmission technologies of the chip card

Regarding the transmission technologies of the chip card we distinguish between contact chip cards and contactless chip cards (also named transponder cards or RFID-cards). Contactless chip cards do not need contact for transmitting data and the chip is not visible. At transmission of data, you differ between low frequency systems with 125 KHz and high frequency systems with 13,56 MHz.
Contact chip cards always need a physical contact between the chip and the reading or encoding device. The chip is visible on the surface of the card.

Personalize chip cards with your own card printer

You want to print chip cards with name, photo, layout or other data? We offer you printed chip cards in all variations. If required you can personalize your chip card by yourself with a card printer from Zebra, an EDIsecure re-transfer-printer or a re-writable card printer. We have the suitable device including accessories (blank cards, colour ribbons, cleaning supplies) for you.

Chip card reader

A chip card reader is a handy device which can read out and encode stored information from chip cards and RFID-cards. In principle a chip card reader can be installed directly in a plastic card printer or can be operated as an independent device.

If you want to know which chip card represents the optimal solution for you,  contact our security experts and get a free consultation without obligations.

Application fields of chip cards