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Magnetic cards are suitable for encoding simple data. The magnetic stripe on the magnetic cards serves for storing and reading electronic data. These are used to identify and authorize persons. We offer you appropriate magnetic stripe cards for your individual card design. Use our all-round service now!
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All About Cards offers you not only magnetic cards but also many card printers which are able to encode magnetic stripe cards due to its integrated magnetic cards encoder. Moreover we have various card readers for a subsequent upgrade of many card printers. 


Magnetic cards with coloured magnetic strips

The optical difference between the two card types is the colour of the magnetic stripe: LoCo-stripes are brown, HiCi-stripes are black. There are also other colours possible for magnetic stripes. You are interested in coloured magnetic stripes, according to your card design? We can offer you stripes in silver, red, blue and yellow.

Even chips as storage media can fulfill many functions on your card: get informed about our diverse chip cards or call us in case of questions!

Magnetic Stripe Cards as storage medium

Magnetic stripe cards or magnetic cards are provided with a stripe covered by a magnetic metal oxide. They are internationally standardized at ISO 7811 which contains three data tracks on the stripe. The following amounts of data can be saved on the tracks: 

  • track 1: 79 alpha numeric signs (closeness of codification: 210 bpi)
  • track 2: 40 numeric signs (closeness of codification: 75 bpi)
  • track 3: 107 numeric signs (closeness of codification: 210 bpi)

Magnetic stripe cards are separated in HiCo (High Coercivity) magnetic cards and in LoCo (Low Coercivity) magnetic cards. LoCo-plastic cards are standard. They are written by a low energy input. Data on the stripes can be deleted through strong magnetic induction. In contrast, HiCo-cards are more resistant, data can hardly be deleted by external influences.

Our magnetic stripe cards are available with 300 Oe (LoCo) and from 2750 - 4000 Oe (HiCo).

Magnetic Stripe Cards and their applications

Magnetic cards are used in many areas, often with a contactless oder a contact chip.
Typical areas of application:

  • Badges
  • Time Recording
  • Access Control
  • customer cards
  • gift cards

Finishing of Magnetic Cards

You want to emphazise your magnetic card in a special way? Due to diverse possibilities of finishing magnetic cards, we offer you all opportunities to distinguish your magnetic stripe card from the rest.

Wether spotlack, structure varnishin, a signature panel, hotstamp or hologram - creative and noble designs awaiting you!


If you want to know which magentic stripe card will represent the optimal solution for you, contact us and get a free consultation without obligations.