Re-writable Plastic Cards

Re-writable plastic cards are covered by a special thermo-re-write-foil. The printing on it can be deleted and afterwards, new printing is possible.

re-writeable plastic cardThis so called TRW-foil is available with black and blue reaction colour, ready for use in the form of rolls, sheets and stripes. TRW-foil can also cover only parts of a card. For this there are TRW-labels with blue or black reaction colour.

TRW-technique is not fixed on simple blank cards, all kind of cards can be delivered: chip cards, RF-chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, blank cards, cards with colourful designs, covered partly or completely with TRW-foil.
You can easily delete and reprint data with an Evolis Tattoo RW card printer.


Of course, you can also place a signature panel on a re-writable card.