Digital Loyalty Cards

mobile pocket is a free app with which you can carry your personal loyalty cards on your smartphone. So it doesn't matter if you forgot your card at home when you are shopping - you surely will have your smartphone with you. We can integrate your brand into the successful mobile pocket app.

overview of loyalty cards on the smartphone - mobile pocketAdvantages

mobile pocket is straight customer contact. As soon as the first user has added your card to the app, you can manage content like offers, news, sales and advertisings. The user gets all this directly on his smartphone. Create customer loyalty with mobile communication!



setting up a loyalty card on the smartphone - mobile pocketManagement

Managing content is simple. With your own online-access, you edit campaigns and see statistics. Mobile pocket guarantees successful customer contact, turnovers and image branding with minimum effort.


campaign for regular customers - mobile pocketDirect-Marketing

Strengthen the brand awareness of your loyal customers with individual communication. Let them profit by exclusive campaigns for your store or online-shop. In mobile pocket's backend, you manage who gets information by limiting campaings for cards, card numbers or creation date.



mobile payment with VeroPay - mobile pocketMobile Payment

Give your customers the chance to use an offer immediately or to make a purchase with the smartphone. Mobile pocket offers VeroPay as integrated payment option. In Austria, well-known companies like Billa, Merkur or Hartlauer successfully use this option.



beacons-message on the smartphone - mobile pocketBeacons send special infomation to your customers if they enter the shop or pass by. So you can send incentives to buy or information like:

  • welcome-greetings
  • special offers
  • a reminder for a price campaign
  • invitations to events
  • links to your online-shop

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