neXus Digital ID solutions

Employee ID management and IoT management seem to be two separate worlds. However, they are not that different. Both rely on identification, either for people or for digital devices to read information, grant access rights and increase security. In addition, both areas are extremely complex and without digital solutions can quickly lead to errors, extra work and unexpected costs.

Efficient digital identification solutions make management easier by centralizing processes and, if necessary, even automating them. It does not matter whether employee IDs or IoT IDs are recorded. NeXus offers suitable software solutions with identification technology geared towards the respective application areas, but with a similar technological core.


Employee Identification Management

In digital employee management, identification goes beyond just recognizing employees. It serves as the basis for access rights to buildings, digital resources or certain rooms as well as for digitally signing documents or special encryption of communication.

In most companies, physical cards or tokens come into play here, but there is also the option of digital company IDs. Virtual smart cards are issued on smartphones or laptops and can be used for both physical and digital access. As an example, all employees can use their ID to log into the office building and to their workplace, but not all have access to the warehouse or the option of using e-signatures.

The prerequisite for an efficient use of this employee identification is a central administration point with which all employee identities are configured accordingly. This is the solution from NeXus. Companies can manage, create and record all employees via one platform. Employee management in the area of ​​identification and access is thus made easier and faster and, thanks to the connection to existing systems, even more error-free. Onboarding and offboarding processes also run more smoothly and actions can be easily traced.


For secure IoT

Anyone who connects important devices to the internet has to protect them. Secure digital devices and data protection are an absolute must, especially in companies, but they also pose challenges for many. A security technology not only has to guarantee simple implementation and use, it also has to be economical, flexible and scalable.

The solution for IoT is PKI-based identities. They protect user data and privacy in every IoT application and thus prevent expensive and dangerous data protection breaches. PKI stands for Public-Key Infrastructure and forms the framework for certificate-based identities. These in turn enable the implementation of real end-to-end security and the defense against cyber attacks on IoT. But these identities also have to be protected and this works via the centralized ID solution from NeXus. Any authentication of devices, people or servers is done through encrypted communication and verifiable data integrity.

The central and uniform management of identities that are certificate-based, cryptographic and forgery-proof is an enormous advantage for many industries. In telecommunications, the exchange between LTE and 5G bass stations is protected. In manufacturing, secure ID management ensures that sensors and other networked systems are secured. The future topic of connected vehicles also benefits from the protection of V2X communication (Vehicle-to-Everything). Other areas of application are the energy sector with its IoT infrastructures, the health sector with medical devices or modern workplaces with their digital networks.


How does this protection work?

The Smart ID PKI platform issues cryptographically secure and certificate-based identities and enables the following purposes:

Strong authentication: This guarantees that only authorized employees, devices or servers can connect to a specific application or network. Revoking certificates immediately blocks access.

Encryption and data protection: Certificates support encrypted communication via TLS for the transfer of data between devices and applications.

Integrity: Digitally signed messages based on certificates are forgery-proof. Their origin and manipulation of the data can always be proven and traced.





Whether for the management of employee identities or IoT IDs, with NeXus you get a solution that suits your application. We would be happy to advise you on implementation in your existing IT infrastructure, as well as on potential hardware components.