Contactless smart cards from LEGIC

LEGIC Identsystems AG is a leading supplier of contactless RFID chip cards. In addition to MIFARE® cards, they are among the most widely used smart cards in RFID technology. All chips operate on the 13.56 MHz frequency and comply with the ISO standards ISO 15693, ISO/IEC 14443, ISO 18092 (NFC) and the prime RF standard. The RFID cards are available in blank format as well as printed or personalized cards.

The LEGIC smart cards are used for sensitive security systems and ID card control in business and also for applications in the leisure sector. The contactless chip cards are therefore suitable for personal company and employee ID cards as well as for various eTicket applications at events.

Based on LEGIC technology, we offer you different variants of contactless chip cards:

In addition to the LEGIC advant cards, which guarantee maximum security, we also offer other RFID cards in a lower price category. These include LEGIC prime smart cards and compatible CTC smart cards, which migrate older LEGIC prime smart cards to the higher LEGIC advant security level. All About Cards offers user-friendly card readers for the LEGIC RFID cards as well - please feel free to contact us.



We offer the following LEGIC chip cards:

LEGIC smart cards are applicable for: