Insurance Cards

Almost everyone has at least one of them in his or her wallet - insurance cards. But even though all of them are similar, there are various requirements on the cards.

insurance card in automobile businessAn insurance card offers a lot of space to store a multitude of information. There is room for the name and insurance number as well as for example a phone number, where the customer can reach you in a critical case.

Moreover, there is the possibility to apply a chip to the card and hence save additional data about the customer. Car insurance cards can thus be equipped with insurance conditions or health insurance cards with important information about the particular medication. Additional personalization, for example with name and picture, moreover provides protection against forgery. We offer to completely produce the cards, including personalization, for you.

You would rather personalize the cards fast and affordably yourself? We also have the right solution for that and are happy to advise you on an appropriate card printer for your requirements.


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