Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards are used in different ways: as phone cards with a charged credit, as debit cards, gift cards or vouchers, payment cards in canteens or in other areas like e.g. travelling.

Prepaid cards are usable universally, because they can be charged individually and diverse information can be saved onto the cards. Prepaid cards are not only versatile, but also reasonable in production, long-lasting and convince with a high-class appearance. Due to the possibility to re-charge the card over and over again, prepaid card are the successor of traditional ticketing and couponing. 

Open Loop Card versus Closed Loop Card

You differentiate prepaid cards between Open Loop Cards, Semi Open Loop Cards and Closed Loop Cards.

Closed Loop Cards can only be used at selected acceptance points, e.g. gift cards can be redeemed only in branches of the issuer. Thus, a gift card that had been issued by a sales chain, can only be redeemed within this sales chain.

Semi Open Loop Cards are prepaid or gift cards that can be used within a limited region of acceptance. These can be gift cards of a shopping centre which are accepted at all different retailers of the alliance.

On the contrary, Open Loop Cards can be redeemed at all acceptance points worldwide concerning to the payment and credit card program. Examples for those cards are Visa cards, MasterCard and American Express cards. 

Prepaid Cards of All About Cards

You are looking for an individual solution? We offer you a comprehensive service spectrum concerning prepaid cards. Not only we produce your Open Loop Card or Closed Loop Cart, but also personalize it regarding your ideas. On your request we pack you prepaid card and send it to branches or customers.