Videostore cards

With videostore cards you offer access to the newest movies 24/7. Videostore cards are a perfect tool for customer loyalty and a strong advertising medium.

Set an example against online-streaming and illegal downloading and incentivize people to come back to the videostore. Personalized cards symbolize a sense of belonging to the customer - he will like to come back. Videostore cards can be used as member cards and door openers. A 24-hours-availability is guaranteed by an individuakl access control. For protection against thievery you can add a PIN for authentification.

There are 54 x 86 millimeters of space for design on a videostore card: use it for your own layout, advertising, concact data, picture and name of the customer, for barcodes or the application as a smart card. Videostore cards can be used as bonus cards as well. Use customer data for birthday promotions, mailings and newsletters.

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