Matica XID8600 - ReTransfer card printer

Single- or dual-sided Retransfer card printer with a printing resolution of 600 dpi, security features and processing of different card materials and card thicknesses.
Matica XID 8600.png

The XID 8600 applies even the finest lines pin sharp to the plastic card – thanks to its 600 dpi printing resolution. Printing with such a high resolution is especially recommendable for your identification cards, to which not only security features and personalizing need to be added, but also pictures - as detailed as possible. Get over-the-edge printing with the ReTransfer technology! Your identification cards will look exceedingly professional and of premium-quality.

The Matica XID 8600 - full range of equipment

  • Single- or dual-sided printing due to an installed turning station
  • Printing of cards with card thickness from 0,25 to 1,02 mm
  • USB and Ethernet connection
  • Card materials: PVC, ABS, PET, polycarbonate, hybrid cards
  • Life-long warranty on the print head
  • Optional encoding of magnetic stripes, contact chips and RFID chips