Software Zebra Virtual PrintWare

With the Virtual PrintWare numerous Zebra ZXP Series printers can be controlled via remote access. Thus, you have got complete control and transparency of the time point, location and manner of card production.
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With Virtual PrintWare you can steer several Zebra ZXP Series printers via remote access. Due to this you can obtain complete control and transparency of when, where and how cards are printed. Zebra Virtual PrintWare enables the easy connection, supervision, integration of several card printers of the models ZXP 3, ZXP 7 and ZXP 9. Also it is possible to print on all printers of the network.

Card dealing projects can be outsourced to different locations by distributing printing orders to those locations concerning their different capacities, while the administration of the printer orders stays with one person. Printer, large printing orders and status messages are visually monitored by a single central console. Virtual PrintWare is compatible with Windows®, ZMotifTM-SDK and the new XML-based printers. Two Versions, namely PrintMonitor and PrintManager are available.


The advantages of the Zebra Virtual PrintWare

  • Safe time and money: The connection of your card printers in one pool enables a scalable, high-volume, reliable printing. Simultaneously, you reduce operating and maintenance costs, while the overall printing performance, throughput and capacity are increased.
  • Improved monitoring: With Virtual PrintWare the printing-service-level is enhanced, due to real time printer monitoring and warning messages form one single console.
  • Easy and fast implementation: Due to template printing and XML-card printing data, the printing of cards can be integrated rapidly from every application. A SDK-programming is not necessary.
  • Diverse options: Virtual PrintWare prints cards single or dual sided, monochrom or coloured. Also, it can be used for magnetic strip encoding and has a lamination option.

Virtual PrintWare supports following printers and operating systems

  • Closing the printers: ZXP Series 3ZXP Series 7 and ZXP Series 9
  • Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2008 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2012 (64-bit)

Virtual PrintWare supports following card printer features

  • Via Ethernet connected ZXP-Series-printers
  • Single or double sided card printing
  • Monochrome or coulored printing
  • Lamination option (ZXP Series 7 or Series 9 only)
  • Magnetic strip encoding

Zebra Virtual PrintWare is available in the Versions PrintMonitor and Printmanager


  • Available as a demonstration release
  • Node-Locked-Software license key
  • Local database
  • Recognize an monitor printers
  • Integrated, safe user registration


  • Node-Locked-Software license key
  • Local database
  • Recognize an monitor printers
  • Add and administrate a printer queue
  • Template printing
  • ZMotif-Windows-printer driver
  • Integrated, safe user registration


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