SIX and I AM

Elegant gift cards and carriers for SIX and I AM (beeline GmbH)

Timeless classics and modern trends? This is the motto of the voucher cards that All About Cards realized for beeline. Their vision since 1990: to offer trendy fashion accessories at great prices. Currently, beeline is pushing ahead with its international expansion in around 50 countries with over 105 stores.

Our culture is unique - like our cooperation

All About Cards and beeline have been working together successfully in the voucher card sector since 2015. For this purpose, the design of the card carrier and card envelope as gift packaging was processed in cooperation with beeline and adapted to the individual wishes of beeline.

The Europe-wide success of the brands also means that the voucher cards are produced in many different language versions. At All About Cards, the cards are suitably packed on carriers according to specifications, foil-wrapped and labelled as well as bundled according to versions. This ensures the central processing in beeline's high-bay warehouse.

What does All About Cards offer specifically for beeline? The gift cards are automatically dispensed onto the carrier. To facilitate its daily handling, the card carriers have a square-shaped perforation - optimally adapted to the POS stands in the shops.

The barcode punching also facilitates handling for scanning the barcode at the cash register. The card carriers were designed in such a way that the punch for the POS stand can be torn off using a perforation. This enables a perfect presentation of the voucher as an attractive gift idea. The card can be packed in a quadratic gift envelope with adhesive tape for removing, which is individually adapted to the carrier and can also be fixed at the square-shaped perforation on the POS stand.

Small things that make life great: voucher cards for SIX and I AM

The two beeline brands - SIX and I AM - represent a shimmering world of fashion accessories. This is exactly what the voucher cards should reflect. SIX opened its first store in Cologne in 1998. Today, the company has 117 stores and 2,787 concession areas in 19 countries.

The white, matt laminated cards with a silver hot stamp of the brand logo convince with their simple design. The back of the voucher card is personalized with text, barcode and pin, covered by a scratch field. The appropriated card carrier is in the fashionable colour mint. The envelopes appeal with their timeless design in the colours light pink and matt gold plus the printed sayings Hugs & Kisses or Born to be Fabulous.

Since 2006 I AM also offers a large selection of fashionable accessories. Feminine, modern and clear - just like the voucher cards produced by All About Cards. Their front side is covered in puristic pink with a golden hot stamp of the brand logo. Text, barcode and pin are printed on the back of the matt laminated voucher card. 

The rose-coloured card carrier also charms and perfectly complements the elegant design of the card envelopes. According to the timeless, classic concept, All About Cards has created various card envelopes in two designs with modern patterns and attractive lettering.

All About Cards is grateful for the uncomplicated and trustful cooperation with beeline and is already looking forward to further projects!

Do you also like customer cards, gift or voucher cards or attractive card packaging? Contact us and we will be happy to prepare a customized proposal. As you can see from the beeline products, it does not always have to be the classic Euro perforation for the POS stand, but can be individually designed for your use.

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