Zebra ZC100

The Zebra ZC100 is the perfect starter device for customers who want to print small volumes at a high quality level.
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With the new Zebra ZC100, realising whole plastic card printing solutions is easier and cheaper than ever. The single-sided Zebra ZC100 offers fast printing in monochrome and colour, in a simple and intuitive way.

The Zebra ZC100 - intuitive and easy-to-use

The Zebra ZC100 works right out of the box - printing can be started without a complicated set-up.
Thanks to the new smart design, operating the Zebra ZC100 is simple and uncomplicated:
Ribbons can be reloaded effortlessly. Card feeding will be guided by a LED display throughout the whole feeding process. The new driver with a graphical user interface allows instant changes or corrections of the card design.

Advantages of the Zebra ZC100

The Zebra ZC100 fits in almost every place, thanks to his new, slim design - wherever printing is needed, the Zebra ZC100 can be used. That's why Zebra offers all connectivity options needed.
Via onboard USB and Ethernet or Wi-Fi (both optionally), the Zebra ZC100 can be accessed instantly.
The encoding options, like the 'swipe-and-go' magnetic stripe encoding, and the support of varying card thickness make the use of the Zebra ZC100 perfect for many different applications.

Fields of application of the Zebra ZC100