Digitalisation of Card Programs

All About Cards developed a solution with which you can send gift cards and loyalty cards mobile via smartphone and E-Mail. Our system can easily be integrated in your online-platform. A modern way to spread gift cards!

Make your card project fit for multi-channel, for sale and distribution on different ways, physically as well as digitally. You can have the system as a white label for single brand or multi brands.

digitalisation of card programsMulti-Platform & Multi-Channel Gifting: There are several ways to use the platform, as an app for smartphones and tablets or as an integration into your website.


Gift cards can be distributed on several ways: Physical cards are served on the usual way per post, virtual cards (eGift Cards) are sent with text messages and E-Mail.


Personal gifts and their advantages: You can personalize gift cards and prepaid cards with our solution. You can add personal greetings and pictures and, if you choose distribution by post, packagings or special products. Sending it via SMS or E-Mail, users can also add videos, audio files or animated pictures.


digitalisation of card programsPayment can be integrated for mobile and online use: For a first installation, we used prepayment, credit card, Paypal, immediately tranfer and giropay.


Charging and activating due to retailers demands: The solution corresponds to the conditions concerning the activation of prepaid cards and gift cards, at the point of sale, too, and can be configurated individually. Activation can happen immediately, delayed or belated with certain risk-and-fraud-processes. Charging, depending on the technical equipment of the retailer, can happen via smartphone, PDF-print or NFC-technology. Furthermore, the solution offers a mobile wallet for the management and chargement of gift cards and vouchers.

Advantages for the giver:

  • Promptness; access to the store 24/7
  • Mobility
  • Personalizing of gifts via smartphone, mobile device and website
  • Social gifting – integration in social networks
  • Common gifting
  • Advantages for the presentee
  • Better experience of the digital gift
  • Mobility and easy handling
  • Overview of your gift cards
  • Charging in the store
  • Creating wish lists

mobi-gOur first B2C-solution:
We realized a first B2C-application called mobi-g. You can choose from 40 top brands, make them a personalized gift card, send it with E-Mail, SMS or post and charge it mobile or in the store. Mobi-g is available as a webshop and as an app. Check it out!