Voucher systems for your website

With your own pdf voucher system, your customers can buy gift cards round the clock on your website, print it or send it via mail as a PDF-file. Offer to personalize the vouchers. We develop and integrate your own pdf voucher system.

Digital vouchers - the advantages: 

  • They are available around the clock and last minute.
  • They can be designed individually and personally.
  • They can reach new customers and improve customer loyalty with targeted re-marketing activities.
  • Vouchers can be given printed or digitally sent via email.
  • Offer different vouchers: vouchers wicth monetary value or seasonal campaign vouchers.
  • With your own voucher system you do not have to pay commission to voucher platforms.

Advantages for you: Selling vouchers online, you reduce administration and reduce time. Vouchers' availability doesn't depend on shop opening hours, so you can generate more revenues. 

Wenn Sie selbst online Gutscheine verkaufen und im Web verfügbar machen sparen Sie sich Verwaltungsaufwand und Bearbeitungszeit. Und durch die Verfügbarkeit unabhängig von Ladenöffnungszeiten generieren Sie mehr Umsätze.

Offer your brands in an online-voucher-shop and offer PDF-vouchers for printing and sending via email.How to do it:

With our solution customers can send vouchers directly out of your web environment. The voucher system is integrated into your website and adjusted individually. Offer the vouchers at a prominent place and lead the customer through the buying process, click per click.

Offer specials as an option such as personalizing: Customers can emotionally enhance the voucher with their own photos, videos and greetings. Delayed transmission and activating is also possible.

Integrating the pdf vouchers into stationary retail: The gift card server in the background can also handle your physical voucher sellings at the point of sale. 

There are several possibilities of payment: immediate tranfer, PayPal, prepayment, credit card or direct debit. We integrate your favoured payment options.


Single brand or multi brand

Our PDF voucher systems can be used for single brand or multi brand. Your want to distribute other brands? We can add your retail network to your solution. Having several brands, we recommend you to offer an universal voucher: the presentee can choose whiich brand he wants to use the voucher for.

You are interested in a digital voucher solution? Contact us for a first consultaion.

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