Hotel Cards

You run a company in the hotel or catering industry, and want to keep up with the times? Intelligent room cards, individually tailored to your guests, could be just right for you! With your own high-quality hotel cards, you can combine access control, card payment and customer loyalty in a single card system.
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Whether hotel, hostel or guesthouse - hotel cards are replacing the classic keys in practically the entire hospitality industry. Keycards are not only easier to store, they also have practical additional functions thanks to their additional data carrier. Access control in particular can be conveniently extended depending on the hotel: In addition to unlock individual rooms and suites, but also safes, minibars, cupboards, etc., the key cards can control access to public areas. This means that you can give booked guests access to wellness areas, fitness and sports facilities or swimming pools specifically by card. In addition to your customers, you also offer your employees added value: you save on separate access controls at the respective entrances and can devote yourself entirely to your guests. You can even equip your employees with access cards for the hotel's own private rooms - even with time recording if required.

Hotel cards that are not returned to the reception desk after the departure of your guests, but remain with your customers, can be optimally equipped with additional functions. If you personalise the hotel card, for example with name, ID or photo, you can assign a separate card to each customer - perfect for guests who want to come back! In this way, the hotel cards can be used to collect bonus points for discounts or to facilitate access as a VIP pass. It even offers a payment function: Your guests can then simply book rooms with your hotel cards, manage snacks or participation in meals in the restaurant, or even pay for their stay with credit. Depending on your needs, the hotel card becomes the motor for customer loyalty!


Your personalised hotel card

This is made possible by the professional personalization options available to you at All About Cards. The focus is on the right card design: hotel cards, which you can add your logos and your own pictures and fonts to, contribute optimally to your corporate identity and stay in your head. You can choose from a wide range of design options and finishings. In addition to the classic key card in credit card format, you can choose from a variety of special shapes and sizes as well as materials. In addition to PVC plastic cards, which you can offset print with your layouts, you can also use modern environmentally friendly, sustainable materials such as wood or organic PVC as customer cards for your hotel. Or you can make your card an eye-catcher and choose materials that not everyone has: Perhaps you like metal hotel cards or transparent cards? At All About Cards you will find all the options you need to equip your hotel in the best possible way - we offer you the complete package for your card, from layout and printing to dispatch, depending on your requirements. If you already have your own card printer, or would like to rent a device at a reasonable price via our online shop, auto-ID 24/7, you can even personalise your hotel cards on site: For example with the performance card printers of Zebra for larger editions with integrated chip coding or the security card printers of EDIsecure for the production of forgery-proof room cards.

Fields of application of hotel cards

You can use hotel cards in a wide variety of areas:

  • Key cards for hotel rooms and living areas
  • Key cards for cupboards, safes and lockers
  • Access cards for booked areas, e. g. fitness room or wellness area
  • Access cards for your employees
  • Time recording for your employees
  • Billing of consumption and drinks, e. g. at buffet and bar or minibar
  • Prepaid card with cashless payment function
  • Customer card and VIP card

Technologies for your hotel card

You can equip your intelligent hotel card with various data carriers - usually cards with magnetic stripes and cards with contact or contactless chips. Depending on the hotel, various technologies may be more suitable: hotel cards with magnetic stripes are cheaper to produce, but at the same time more susceptible to foreign magnetic fields, such as those generated by the use of smartphones. Cards with RFID chips are slightly more expensive, but offer greater data security. Especially if the hotel cards have to fulfil various functions, the RFID cards can guarantee you a plus in application areas thanks to their more extensive storage space. With modern RFID technology, in addition to cards as access keys, other media are also available to you: all functions can also be transferred to RFID key fobs, for example, or to RFID wristbands, which your guests can always wear on their bodies - ideal in areas where for hygienic reasons bags or extensive clothing must be dispensed with, such as in the sauna area or in baths! In order to identify the optimal card technology for your individual application, our staff will be happy to advise you - contact us!

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