RFID Cards Printing

RFID card printing - All About Cards supplies you with RFID cards printed, coded or blank in first-class quality in small and large quantities. The shortcut RFID stands for radio frequency identification. We offer RFID cards products in our assortment of the well-known manufacturers MIFARE® from NXP or Legic. RFID cards are laminated plastic cards made of PVC, which are equipped inside with a radio frequency antenna (RFID). They are readout and described via radio frequency. The most popular RFID-applications are time tracking, access control and ticketing.



Concerning RFID, we always take care of highest quality and technical improvements. We offer RFID- [RFID Card] cards by NXP, the market leader, founded by Philips. The worldwide commonest used RFID-technology is MIFARE® (MIFARE® is a registered trademark of NXP B. V). The piece prices are low because of the high quantites. In the fields of industrial time tracking and access control, transponder-cards by HID, Legic and i-Code are often used. An economic alternative are read-only-RFID-cards. Widely spread is the read-only-RFID-card EM4102 by EM Microelectronic. EM4102 can be read over a clear serial number and be matched to a certain dataset.

Benefits RFID Cards

  • RFID cards for almost wear-free use
  • RFID cards enable convenient handling
  • RFID cards are insensitive to moisture, dirt or mechanical influences
  • RFID cards do not need their own energy source
  • RFID cards are maintenance-free
  • RFID cards have reading ranges between 1cm and several meters

We offer RFID technology in the following frequency ranges: 125KHz (LF or NF), 13. 56 MHz (HF) or 968 MHz as UHF cards or wide-range cards. Through segmentation, i. e. the writing of different areas on the chip, a single RFID card can integrate different applications and be used in different ways, e. g. for access control and the canteen system.

Applications RFID Cards

The application areas and applications of RFID cards are often simply part of everyday life. The most important applications of RFID chip cards are time recording, access control and ticketing. In addition, RFID cards offer high data security and multifunctional applications in a single plastic card. Other plastic cards with RFID or contact chips are health cards, bank cards, customer cards and company ID cards. You can find our selection of RFID card applications here:


Contact Chipcards and contactless Chipcards

All About Cards offers you high-quality contact smart cards from well-known manufacturers:

  • Atmel
  • Infineon
  • Arizona Microchip

furthermore we offer you contactless chipcards of the following manufacturers:

  • Atmel
  • NXP
  • Legic
  • EM Marin
  • Inside
  • Infineon