Solutions based on RFID-cards and RFID-technology are applicated where persons/objects have to be identified or data have to be controlled and filed. For access control, RFID is a favoured technology.

Typical applications for RFID are time tracking, access control and payment within closed loops, e.g. in big companies, universities, discos and public swimming pools. RFID-cards can be added with high-frequent or low-frequent chips of all types. They have got a plain surface so that they can be personalized with a card printer that can print and encode in one step.

RFID to fasten processes

Compared to other data carriers (magnetic stripes, barcodes, contact chips), a main advantage of RFID is the contactless communication. RFID-transponders neither need physical nor optical contact with the reader, which makes lots of processes essentially faster.

The data carrier doesn't touch the reading device - so the reader has no mechanical stress which expands durability and maintenance intervals.

The variety of shapes

RFID-media are available in countless various shapes: plastic cards, paper tickets, coins, key-fobs or labels. RFID-cards are read fast and dependable and ensure a secure data transmittion. Even a parallel read-out of of various data carriers is possible without loss of information or system failure (anti-collision).

With access rights and cryptography, RFID-technology creates a higher security niveau and data privacy.

We offer RFID-cards from different producers, e.g. LEGIC, Hitag, Mifare® (MIFARE is a registered trademark of NXP B. V.) , HID as well as systems for encoding and personalization of plastic cards.

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