Customer Cards

Customer cards are a carrier of customer-specific data and a customer loyalty program. In addition, the customer even has an attractive customer card in his purse - so your company is always present. This makes them an effective marketing tool for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. With the help of interesting service and product offers you convince the customer of the repeated use of his customer card. At All About Cards you can print customer cards easy and fast.
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Customer cards support customer loyalty

Customer cards are useful in the specialized trade and online trade. Reward your new and old customers with discounts, attractive promotions, material incentives and additional services. Strengthen the bond with your customers and thus at the same time your brand. Customer cards are an added value for your customers and you. Create added value for you and your customers with a customer card. A customer card with offers that are individually and personally tailored to your customers increases the turnover per visit, the number of visits and of course the number of new customers.

You should keep in mind that it is much easier and cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. With a customer card you have many opportunities to shape the customer loyalty and customer relationships in the long term. Loyalty pays off. The more frequently the customer's customer card has been used and the higher the revenue per customer is, the more attractive are the bonuses.

To build customer relationships and deepen customer loyalty, All About Cards allows you to develop your individual customer card or gift card. Further we advise you gladly with questions regarding the compatibility of our cards with your CRM system, the billings as well as the support.

Convince your customers with a special customer card and the many possibilities that result from it. You benefit from the extended contact and can also use the loyalty card to generate important information about the buying behavior of your customers.

Benefits of customer cards for retailers

  • customer loyalty
  • sales
  • workload
  • loyal and long-term customers
  • increase in sales through specially tailored campaigns
  • customer satisfaction
  • increase in shopping frequency
  • customer data
  • less wastage in advertising
  • measurability of success

Personalization of customer cards

The personalization of customer cards is an important aspect because this process assigns one single customer to the respective customer card. Furthermore, this is a nice way to adress your customers personally. For this process, we recommend a card printer of Zebra. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us anytime.