Magicard Ultima

The Magicard Ultima is a powerful single-sided or double-sided colour and monochrome plastic card printer. Thanks to its extensive coding options, the professional photo quality of the prints as well as the addable secure watermarks, it is particularly suitable for ID cards in medium and long runs.
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With the Magicard Ultima, the provision of smartcards becomes child's play: Thanks to the extensive coding options for magnetic stripe cards as well as contact and contactless chips, you can provide your plastic cards with individual information on site. You don't even have to do without print quality: The Magicard Ultima uses the retransfer printing process, in which your design is first applied to a transparent film and only then transferred to your plastic card. This technology enables you to achieve particularly high-resolution print quality, extended durability of your prints and the possibility to print on uneven card surfaces without loss of quality - nothing stands in the way of high-quality smart cards and RFID cards!

Intuitive, professional and efficient

Would you like to create larger quantities of ID cards without having to constantly monitor the process by experts? Then the Magicard Ultima is perfect for you! The card printer is equipped with a large high-resolution LCD display that provides print previews and status displays at a glance at any time, so any employee can operate the printer intuitively. Not only does this save your staff from having to do a lot of training, it also reduces maintenance costs thanks to the well thought-out printer design with Magicard Ultima. Due to the enormous longevity of the consumables of up to 1000 prints and the high card capacity of 200 cards each in the card feeder and in the card stacker, your employees are less busy with material and card changes. If you use the Magicard Ultima as a one-sided card printer with manual card turning, you can save even more time with the practical upgrade function: Turn the Magicard printer into a double-sided printer with the optional modification that can be added at any time! This makes the Magicard Ultima card printer the ideal printer for large companies, government agencies and organizations that need efficient card printing. The universal connectivity also speaks for this - the Magicard model runs on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

Secure ID cards with the Magicard Ultima

With the Ultima model, Magicard offers the possibility to print up to 100 high resolution plastic cards per over-the-edge. The high-quality prints of the cards made of PVC, PET, PC, PVH and ABS ensure high legibility and easy recognition of the cards: Printed elements such as names and photos can be recognized quickly and easily at first glance. This makes the Magicard Ultima the ideal printing solution for cards that require instant identification - ideal for ID cards, driving licences and passports. The Ultima printer is particularly useful for cards that have to meet special security requirements: Magicard's HoloKote® system allows you to print plastic cards with secure watermarks over-the-edge at no extra cost. The security options Secure HoloKote® and Custom HoloKote® are available. With the Secure HoloKote® you can create fluorescent watermarks with the special secure YMCKS ribbon, which are readable under black light and give your cards additional protection. You can choose from 10 standard patterns that you can transfer to your individual cards. If you choose Custom HoloKote®, you can even use your own designs with image and text as watermarks - even with UV printing options! Even the online transfer of your personal design meets high data protection standards - the technical transfer is secure and encrypted.

Areas of application of the Magicard Ultima

The Magicard Ultima card printer is particularly suitable for printing secure ID cards:

  • ID cards
  • forgery-proof ID cards for security areas and sovereign activities
  • Cards for access control and time recording
  • Service cards for authorities, police, military
  • Qualifications and driving licences