Matica EDIsecure™ MC660

Thanks to its specifically developed design, the EDIsecure™ MC660 from Matica adapts perfectly to any environment. Especially for use in offices, public authorities, companies and in education, the card printer convinces with a print resolution of 600 dpi for remarkable print results.

The Matica EDIsecure™ MC660 provides high quality card production while reproducing sharp images in vibrant colours. For demanding printing applications with complex, graphic designs and microtext, the printer impresses with its high resolution of 600 dpi.

Due to the retransfer printing technology, this powerful card printer is suitable for a wide range of card materials. Therefore, cards made of PVC, PET, polycarbonate or even ABS with a card thickness of 0.25mm to 1.00mm can be printed on one or both sides. In addition, the entire card surface - including the edges - is printed, which also applies to contact smart cards and contactless cards with magnetic stripes. With an output of over 170 cards per hour in single-sided colour, the MC660 is remarkably fast.

Secure and efficient ID card printing with the Matica MC660


Matica EDIsecure devices provide reliability and security at an affordable price. For example, you can use the innovative UV ribbons (YMCKUv) or the security ribbons (YMCKSc) for the use in high security systems.

As a further security element, the MC660 can be easily configured with the Matica EDIsecure™ MC-L card laminator. The inline and stand-alone version of the laminator module allows you to laminate the cards either directly after the printing process or independently.

In general, the Matica EDIsecure™-MC660 card printer is very reliable and easy to use. The input magazine with a cassette that has a capacity of 250 cards is located on the top of the printer and can be comfortably operated by the user. Thanks to a USB or Ethernet interface, the card printer can be easily integrated into existing systems.


Application areas of the MC660:

  • Government card programs
  • Employee IDs
  • Access control cards
  • Student IDs
  • Gift cards and costumer cards