Trendy VIP customer and gift cards

Colorful, diverse, unconventional and eye-catching? All these features can be found in the projects which All About Cards has realized together with the Swiss fashion label Chicorée. More than 11 million clothing items from the trendy product line “Young Fashion” are sold in over 150 stores of the family enterprise which are widely spread from Geneva to Lichtenstein.

Stylish Chicorée VIP member and gift cards

The trustful cooperation between Swiss fashion retailer and All About Cards started three years ago with the work on various projects around gift cards. Late April 2018 saw a launch of high-class VIP member cards along with new gift cards. Both cards show an enormous eye-catching potential.

The launch of the Chicorée VIP member cards was promoted by Chicorée with the intensive on- and offline marketing. The member card is distinguished by its exclusive golden finish. The optic quality of Chicorée VIP member card is accentuated by the print with the help of hot stamping as well as the application of glitter particles.  Especially the shimmering lettering “VIP” gives the card its unique identity.

While working on the design of the present gift card, Chicorée showed the courage to head in new direction. The gift cards are distinguished by its original design: due to the application of the gleaming foil the card carrier and the associated card itself shimmer and glitter in various colours - depending on the incidence of light. The purple card is personalized by the metallic effects as well as by the scratch field on the backside.

New loyalty program: launch of Chicorée VIP member cards

Within the exclusive Chicorée VIP program, the customers get their individual VIP card after the registration within two weeks via post. Depending on the amount of collected VIP points, customers  will receive their rewards, namely shopping voucher, freebies and other special offer.

Besides gift cards and packaging manufacturing, All About Cards is also responsible for data collection and digitalization. The application of a card to its respective carrier is filmed in order to adjust the customer data and to guarantee its accuracy. The scope of services includes direct delivery to the Swiss post as well as mailing services: All About Cards serves both a weekly mailing to the VIP customers who registered online and a weekly mailing of replacement cards.

Chicorée's customer program among the the top 10 loyalty programs in Switzerland 

According to the Loyalty Trend Report,  Chicorée's customer program ranks among the the top 10 loyalty programs in Switzerland after just four months. The impressive and successful project start around Chicorée VIP member cards is a delightful example of how the potential of a current customer can be fully realized and how it can be applied for the acquisition of new customers. Within hardly one month – in May – about 50.000 Chicorée member cards were handed out und almost 30 per cent of customers have already used their card for shopping. In addition, within the two and a half months of project implementation, 100,000 Chicory VIP customer cards have already been issued. This success is based not only on the project realization by All About Cards but also on the broad marketing of Chicorée itself, which included, for example, promotion in stores and via app.


“Our new VIP customer program was extremely successful realized due to the cooperation with All About Cards. The gold VIP card which is the central element of the campaign including the application form enjoys enormous popularity among our female customers and exceeded our expectations. The entire fulfillment round the VIP customer program was realized by All About Cards with the highest competence, accuracy and professionality.”

Pascal Weber, Managing Director Chicorée


All About Cards is grateful for the uncomplicated and trustful cooperation with Chicorée and is looking forward to new projects.

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