Turn- und Sportfördergesellschaft mbH (TSF)

Best Practice of the Zebra ZC10L large format printer

With the Zebra ZC10L, All About Cards supports the Turn- und Sportfördergesellschaft mbH (TSF) in printing accreditations for their events.

"For a long time we were looking for an accreditation printer that could meet our requirements, as XL prints are no longer common for accreditations and the printer should also print as quickly as possible so that no unnecessary time is lost on our tours".

- says Ture Schilbach, responsible for the Ticketing, Events & Social Media Turn- und Sportfördergesellschaft mbH (TSF)

After the competent consultation by All About Cards and a test phase, in which the customer could convince himself of the product, TSF as the official marketing company of the Lower Saxony Turner Bund e.V. (NTB) has decided in favour of the card printer model ZC10L from Zebra.

Print debut at Europe's most successful gymnastics show

TSF organizes among other things large events and event series like the "Feuerwerk der Turnkunst", Europe's most successful gymnastics show. The large format card printer Zebra ZC10L celebrates its debut at the "OPUS Tour 2020" of the "Feuerwerk der Turnkunst". The printer will be used for the accreditation of the various teams such as the ensemble, organization and equipment team as well as by the local organizers of the 22 venues. Each tour will result in around 200 accreditations.

The Zebra ZC10L large format card printer is the only direct-to-card printer that can produce colored cards in the 88 x 140 mm large format up to the edge in a single print process. Its print area is more than twice the ISO format. Zebra's ZC10L can be combined with various card printing or accreditation software solutions. In direct use at the 35 tour performances, the XL card printer impressed with trouble-free printing and thus smooth accreditation. The majority of the maps were already printed in advance, so that only individual maps had to be printed at the event itself. According to Schilbach, time bottlenecks such as those that occurred at previous events could be avoided thanks to the Zebra ZC10L.

Flexibility and design freedom with the XL card printer

The Zebra ZC10L is perfectly suitable for different events, since organizers can provide thereby attractive PVC maps in a high-quality Design. The XXL card printer can also easily be linked to different data sources.

The ZC10L also makes it possible to make design changes up to the time of an event - flexible and easy. The card can also be personalized with logos, sponsors, advertising or photos of visitors.

Thanks to its flexibility and the wide range of personalization and design options, the Zebra ZC10L special format printer is particularly suitable for printing visitor badges for major events, admission tickets for sports and music events, sporting events, concerts, congresses & trade fairs and is particularly popular with organizations and clubs.

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