Messe Stuttgart

Mailing with cards and packaging

Messe Stuttgart is Europes most modern exhibition and congress center with 67 events and 1,27 million visitors per year. To offer an uncomplicated and relaxed access for special customers and partners, the organizers regularly send out a mailing with the tickets in the shape of high-quality plastic cards. A major project, realized in cooperation with All About Cards.

The personalized cards and packaging should attract the recipient at first sight. Therefore, there are many details in design. The VIP-cards of the current adition are printed in offset and have got a personalization in silver, printed in thermotransfer. The cards are put into nice optically matching card carriers in cases. In the former edition, cards were sent in packaging with an effectful push-and-pull-mechanism.

One mailing, three variants

All About Cards is producing three variants of cards in different volumes for the Messe Stuttgart: for VIP-guests, for relatives of the team and for former employees. The VIP-sets are sent out with the card carriers and a personalized letter in a special envelope. Families and seniors get their cards with a personalized letter. The cards can be used for two years and for all events of the Messe Stuttgart.

All About Cards did the whole production and fulfillment of this project. After a big mailing, there are quarterly demands. All About Cards personalizes the needed amounts of cards and sends them out directly to the recipients.