Exclusive Packaging

Our exclusive packaging for plastic cards is manufactured from noble materials like wood, metal or leather. Extraordinary card attachments give the packaging high quality appearance as well.
Hotelplan Box Set 2015


Premium Boxes

Swissotel Box with decor felt and magnetic closureWe produce multi-part premium boxes made of high-quality materials and with big attention to detail. You can put one or several cards, give-aways and brochures into the boxes. All components are realized precisely according to your wishes, if you want with lots of input for material and design from our side.  Read more about our customer projects Swissotel Circle (picture on the left) and Hotelplan Suisse (picture on the right).



Metal Packaging

metal packagingWe offer you boxes in diverse sizes and colours. In doing so we are able to implement your personal desires in terms of design. Our metal boxes offer your plastic card strong hold with a special detachable card tray. Thus your customers can also use the boxes for other purposes later, like to keep jewelry or other nice little things.




Leather Packaging

leather packagingA real noble appearance is what our cases, made from real or artificial leather, give to the card, which can be perfectly stored in it. In the packaging made from leather there is also space for more cards or a small booklet. We offer you leather packaging in various colours.




Wood Packaging

wooden packagingWood has a surface feel, it scents, it reflects closeness to nature: Store your card in a wooden box! Whether simple or extraordinary with millings, inlays, nests: we create your product of desire for you! We are also looking forward to fancy desires!





Packaging with Special Attachments

book packaging Also among our high quality packaging types is our book packaging with a special card attachment. Trays made of polystyrene, artificial velvet as well as of clear or coloured plastic give the card the right hold and a professional appearance.


For a first inspiration, look at our packaging catalogue.