Event Accreditation

Event accreditation should be uncomplicated in handling, but also secure. We have got the suitable system for every kind of event which facilitates your organization and brings additional benefits for your visitors.

Hard-wearing wristbands or cards with RFID-technology: We offer all kind of media for accreditation of visitors. In addition, we have got printers and software to print your cards or wristbands just before the starting of or live at the event. All recommended devices are handy, space saving and easy to handle.

Breakaway plastic cardMake your event an unforgettable experience with a special card application, as for example breakaway cards: You break the card into two parts, a small one and a big one. The small one is printed with further information or special data like for a lottery; the big part serves as classic access ticket or as ID-card.


Take advantage of the variety of card shapes and sizes for your event! Equip your guests with oversized plastic card tickets, maybe even printed professionally by yourself with a card printer for oversized cards. With this you can personalize the cards or add the advertising of your sponsors. As an alternative, you can get offset-printed cards from us and all you have to add with your own printer are the personal data of the guests.

The device we recommend for the printing of oversized event-cards: