Software for plastic card printing

All About Cards offers ID-software for card printers and label printers, for the printing and encoding of ID-cards, passes, access control and identity management, for member-management or visitor-management.

We offer software for plastic card printers with which you can create ID-cards with great flexibility: designing the layout of the card, encoding and printing of cards, innovative solutions for member-management in clubs, managing service cards and ID-cards in companies, agencys, schools and universities. We've got software for customer cards, visitor management, event management, for mobile access control as well as software for inventory or identity management.

For ambitious needs, we offer software solutions by EDIsecure that can be applied in big companies, agencys or for national ID-projects.

Designing and printing ID-cards in a breath

Depending on the demand, we recommend the easy understandable card design and print software cardPresso or special software-solutions for certain applications like EDIsecure, ZMotif or MM10. Focused on printing of student ID-cards, we have a custom-made package. Our professional software solution allows to design, encode and print ID-cards in a breath, to embed databases for card printing and card management, to manage visitor passes and to keep track of all visitors.

No matter which ID-card or card you need - with EDIsecure CMS or cardPresso you create company ID-cards, employee ID-cards, member cards, customer cards or visitor passes in a breath and you never loose the overview.


All About Cards - competence in cards!

We offer the following software solutions: